5 thoughts on “Osho: The Enlightened Master on Diwali”

  1. Niyam

    Thanks for airing something of Osho that may not have been much seen before!

    I was sitting in the Resort during Diwali and wondering what Osho might have said about Diwali … your post is not too late since the wondering was worthwhile!

    All for Now



  2. The lamp is an ordinary hand-made earthen lamp, exactly the kind used during diwali celebrations. A wick made of cotton is dipped in clarified butter, known as ‘ghee’, in this lamp, and lit. We had placed this outside our home at the entrance. I had already clicked several photos of this ‘diya’, but wasn’t satisfied with the results. So i switched off the flash on my digital camera, and while clicking moved the camera. The result is what you see here.

  3. //We have a few festive days. Once a year we observe Holi, the festival of colors, painting ourselves and each other with bright colors. Once a year we celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights, and light many lamps in the darkness.

    But our life is dry and dull; and it is just because this is so that man has had to create festivals. The birds, the beasts, the plants, the rivers, the waterfalls – they have neither Holi nor Diwali. It is because man is sick that he is satisfied with just one Diwali. One Diwali is just a consolation. So on that day we have new clothes, the firecrackers, the lighted lamps – and then we return to the same gloominess, the same prison, the same misery, the same anxiety.

    When Holi comes, and we sing and dance, breaking all bounds and throwing off our normal codes of conduct – on that day we throw all our morality, rules and etiquette to the winds; for one day our river flows, breaking all disciplines. But do you think that a river that flows for one day of the year is going to reach the ocean? And even this one day is only an apology for the real flowing; it is just a mockery of our real selves.

    Look at nature: there existence is enjoying Holi every day and celebrating Diwali daily. In nature the colors flow afresh every day, new flowers open each morning. Even before the old leaves fall, the new buds are bursting out and the new shoots are springing up. The festival does not stop even for a moment – it is nonstop, every moment is Diwali. Such will be the life of a religious person: he will be festive each moment. He is grateful that he is. His every breath is an expression of gratitude and benediction.// (Nowhere To Go But In, 3 )

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