I’m Hiring. Are You Looking For A Web-Designer Job?

Am looking for a web-designer to work full-time with me.
You should be young and hard-working, and you wish to work with me because you love design and the web.

Web-Designer (1 or 2 openings)
You’re going to work on some rather exciting projects in:

  • Website design
  • Web user-interface design

Your Location of Work:

South Delhi.

Your Qualifications

Minimum: a certificate, diploma, or a degree in web-design, graphic-design, fine-arts, or any creative field. Those with a diploma or a certificate must also be a graduate with a degree in any discipline.

What’s Your Experience:
None? One year? Two? Even more? Okay, I’ll let that pass if you have a real kick-ass portfolio.

Your Skills:

Ability to author a design in pixels and shapes. Then convert it into a web-page. You should be comfortable in customizing the visual-theme to some extent, of at least one Content Management System, such as WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla.

In addition, you must have:

  • Sense of design and of what looks good.
  • A good command over spoken English.
  • Your written English should be devoid of SMS-spellings, and easily comprehensible.

Your Software Skills

  • GIMP (or Photoshop): for photo-editing and pixel-imagery.
  • Inkscape (Or Illustrator, CorelDraw) for arm-twisting those beziers.
  • HTML, CSS. You should be able to write good, clean markup.
  • Knowing how to strive for browser-compatibility.
  • Theme-customization of at least one Content Management System: WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla.

Your Optional Skills That’ll Get You Noticed:

  • Understanding and use of UI-widgets, like JQuery-UI among others.
  • Javascript, or any other web-scripting language.
  • PHP
  • Wire-framing.
  • WordPress theme-customization.
  • Getin’ your feet wet with HTML5, and newer experiments in CSS3.
  • Designing for mobiles and tablets.
  • Some familiarity with using Linux, such as Ubuntu for example. Or else, some familiarity with Apple Mac.
  • Personal or professional interest in any creative skill or discipline. Do mention if you have any.
  • Some familiarity with Django, or other similar frameworks.

Your Gear:

  • Your own Laptop of any brand. The model should not be more than two-years-old. Must support a resolution of 1280 pixels or higher. These two factors because your laptop should be able to run the latest versions of modern browsers. Candidates with an Apple laptop will have a definite advantage.
  • Roaming internet datacard. Those with a broadband connection preferred.
  • Would be good if you have your own vehicle.
  • Mobile-phone.
  • If you use GNU/Linux, I’ll buy you the first round of coffee. In Linux, any variation or flavour of Ubuntu or Debian preferred. The release should not be more than two years old.

My Hiring Process

  • Send me only a PDF-file of your C.V.
  • In your mail and your PDF, please share links to some samples of your work online. Please don’t send me your portfolio via attachments or even on a disc.
  • I’ll just glance at your qualifications, experience, and references, but will dive into your portfolio. It is okay to include tutorials and exercises in your portfolio, but I may quiz you on them.
  • Am looking for a portfolio that shows a decent understanding of HTML-markup, use of CSS, and an ability to convert websketches into markup or themes.
  • If you do get shortlisted, I’ll call you over for an interview, and if you look promising, you’ll have to sit for a short 30-minute test of your skills. So bring your gear.
  • If you qualify, I’ll sign you up for an initial probation-period which should lead you up to a renewable annual contract.

3 thoughts on “I’m Hiring. Are You Looking For A Web-Designer Job?”

  1. Hi,this is ashutosh singh as i think i am suitable for ur wwork as i know the demand is going on i have done course on .net

  2. Hi Niyam,

    Profile is quite interesting, I am looking for some good work but not full-time if you consider as a part timer then i can proceed further.


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