Everything Will Be Broken into Rules of 3

Handwritten Notes in Niyam's Notebook

One day I just opened this hand-made notebook. Looked at the blank page, and then just started writing this down. It just flowed. I did not have to think this. I also have no idea what it means. And then I just forgot about it, until I opened the notebook again and happened to glance at this page. Am sharing with you. For those who can decipher this message, but only if they can decipher my handwriting, here is what is written:


  • Everything will be broken into Rules of 3
  • Three times three will give you nine
  • This nine will give you the answer
  • Nine times three will give you 27
  • 27 will give you love
  • Love is always between 3
    The two who love, and the third
    in who’s abode there is love
  • Tao:
    1. The first is Love
    2. The second is Never Too Much
    3. The third, Never Be The First In the World
  • Laughter.  Tears. Silence
  • Intelligence of the Mind
  • Intelligence of the Heart
  • Intelligence of the Hara-point
  • Live. Love. Laugh




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