The Dangers of Listening to Osho

Osho has a tendency, where something he says,
usually a long time ago, hammers home.

Stays and grows with you, like a thorn in the side.

First you take no note of it, as it sounded fun and casual
back then, and at best forgotten.
Then you discover it stays there as a harmless residue.
Soon you discover it starts to gnaw at you.
Over time, other things you may have initially missed
about what he was trying to say, start flowing in as well.
Soon you discover you can no longer ignore it,
as you start feeling its devastating impact.
You want to go back, but you don’t know what is back
and how did you get away from it.
Much less how to get back to it.
You have no option but to let the change happen.
And you discover you’ve changed.
Something you did not even know
you were holding on to so tightly,
you realize you have had to let go.