Osho on The Way Beyond Politics, War, and Terrorism.

While talking on the sufi mystic Fareed, Osho shares his vision on your response as an individual, to the dilemma of politics, war, and terrorism.

Listening to a beautiful discourse-series in Hindi by Osho, called ‘Na Kano Suna‘. This literally translates to that which is “Unheard by the Ear”, and is based on the mystic-sufi Fareed, also spelled as Farid.


Osho hits the raw nerve of the modern dilemma of our lives, especially war and terrorism. He then goes on to show how this dilemma has persisted and dogged us since thousands of years. Finally he unfolds his bold new vision on how we can resolve this. Along the way he shares his truthful and fearless views on politics and politicians, his approach to ‘humanity’, and the futility of all political revolutions. He then points to the only true revolution possible. What inspires me most is his vision of what you, as an individual, can do about it. His vision is brilliantly intelligent and startling as usual. If you’re interested, you may discover the discourse here:

Na Kano Suna #6.

This is the sixth discourse in the series. Listening to these first six discourses has been quite a stimulating experience.