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IN 1997, Niyam delivered his first talk on GnuLinux, at an Apple conference in Bangalore. Actively using GnuLinux since 2000, he delights in its ethics and vision, more than just its technology. For the moment, GnuLinux is his way of life.

Thousands and thousands of people have attended his seminars and workshops on GnuLinux. Hundreds of thousands have read his articles, a few even publish and distribute his copylefted articles further. His articles appear, often happily without his knowledge, in several countries across the world, even in Pakistan's press. Dozens of key clients, colleagues, and friends have migrated with his guidance.

The Government of India, UNDP, and other international organizations, often invite him to consultations. He regularly conducts several workshops on graphic design, digital sound, digital video, and more, based around GnuLinux tools. Interviews of him have been broadcast on several national TV channels, and leading newspapers and magazines often quote him. He is also actively involved in a few software projects in various capacities.

Niyam's focus on education is ushering in a quiet yet dramatic revolution in Indian academia with respect to GnuLinux.

Discover more, and explore how you can also contribute to this movement.

White Papers & Talks

Graphic Design & Digital Creativity

TV and Press Coverage

Seminars & Workshops



  1. LinuxForYou: FreedomYug column

  2. LinuxForYou: Articles

  3. HindustanTimes: Troubleshoot column

  4. News Articles.

  5. more...

White Papers & Talks

  1. Seven Steps to Software Samadhi: Migrating from Windows to GnuLinux. For the non-techie in a hurry.

  2. Guerrilla Warfare in Gyaan: How to Bring Free Software in Education. Despite Everything.

  3. Heavenly Steps To Some Quick HowTos: Using Niyam's templates for quick documentation.

  4. more...

Graphic Design & Digital Creativity

  1. Logo Designs for

  2. For graphic design samples, see tutorials in 'Documentation'

  3. Film documentary music.

TV and Press Coverage

  1. Reuters feed to national television channels. Pune

  2. Times Of India. Mumbai.

  3. Business Today. Delhi.

  4. Pakistan's Spider magazine (part of Dawn group).

  5. more . . .

Seminars & Workshops

  1. LinuxAsia Expo: Talks at Asia's largest GnuLinux expo Delhi.

  2. Gnunify: Keynotes and tech-talks at Symbiosis' national event Pune.

  3. M.E.R.I: Talks, discussion forums, projects, at this technical instt. Delhi.

  4. Bhaskarcharya Pratishthana:LaTeX and GnuLinux workshop at this advanced mathematics research institute, for Indian academia. Pune.

  5. Thapar Institue of Engineering Technology: Unicode and Indic localization talks at India's prestigious college. Patiala, Punjab.

  6. UNDP: GnuLinux orientation seminar. Delhi.

  7. School of Convergence: Graphic design and digital creativity workshops at this new media school. Delhi.

  8. Technical, Hands-on, Workshops.

  9. Several school and inter-school events. Various places.

  10. Fun talks with friends at Linux User Group meets. Various places.

  11. Contact Niyam for your event. Help him achieve his target of talking with 10,000 students across India.

  12. more . . .


  1. Get Started With Sodipodi: Graphics and illustration software tutorial for the newbie to both graphic design and GnuLinux. UNESCO project.

  2. Get Started With Scribus: DTP, typography, and page-design software tutorial for the newbie to DTP and GnuLinux. UNESCO project.

  3. Get Started With Cinepaint: Digital photo-editing software tutorial for the newbie to image-editing and GnuLinux. UNESCO project.

  4. Get Started With Sketch: Vector Illustration software tutorial for the newbie to both graphic design and GnuLinux. UNESCO project.

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