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Initially, Niyam came up with the name 'OpenYug' for the column. Yug is a sanskrit word in vogue even today, which means 'Era' or 'Age'. According to Indian mysticism, Time is divided into four ages: SatYug, Dwaparyug, Tretayug, and finally Kalyug. Sat means Truth. Kali is a terrible goddess in whose age destruction and chaos will rule. A perfect metaphor for the existing age of computing as well. A dinner discussion with Richard Stallman convinced him it should be renamed 'FreedomYug'. The column hopes to foster a gestalt change in Indian computing, and usher in a new age beyond its Kalyug, the age of freedom.
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Readers Picks

  1. Sweat Ware
    "To Them Software Was Sacred, And Software Was Sweatware. Write Code. Get Paid." Feb-2004.

  2. Make Khajuraho More Sexy
    "You and I could start a new revolution one PC, one cybercafe at a time." Jan-2004.

  3. Write Cheques. Not Just Books.
    "The world is full of ordinary people like you and me: living, struggling, striving, hoping." Dec-2003

  4. Sunil Trovalds: Fail.
    "Defiance cannot be taught. It can only be caught." Jun-2003

  5. Money For Nothing.
    "GnuLinux allows the most pragmatic approach to making money." May-2003

Freedom Yug

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