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All articles authored by Niyam for LFY are published under a copyleft license. You are encouraged to share, publish, and distribute these further according to their relevant copyleft license. Dubbed as 'The Complete Magazine on Open Source', LinuxForYou is also Asia's first magazine on all things Gnu/Linux and more. Niyam waited for the inaugural issue of February 2003, before agreeing to wordprocess a regular column. Initially, he came up with the name 'OpenYug' for the column. Yug is a sanskrit word in vogue even today, which means 'Era' or 'Age'. According to Indian mysticism, Time is divided into four ages: SatYug, Dwaparyug, Tretayug, and finally Kalyug. Sat means Truth. Kali is a terrible goddess in whose age destruction and chaos will rule. A perfect metaphor for the existing age of computing as well. A dinner discussion with Richard Stallman convinced him it should be renamed 'FreedomYug'. The column hopes to foster a gestalt change in Indian computing, and usher in a new age beyond its Kalyug, the age of freedom.

Niyam also has reviews, news, techprimers, published occasionally in the magazine, and is involved with its prestigious LinuxAsia Expo as well.


  1. Getting Hooked to Just Books. Apr-2010

  2. Ring The Liberty Bell. Mar-2010

  3. Forget Linux. Feb-2010

  4. Get Out of Office. Jun-2009

  5. Doc Till You Drop. May-2009

  6. Orwell or Open-Source? Apr-2009

  7. If You Love Someone, Set Them Free. Feb-2009

  8. How To Melt Down. Jan-2009

  9. Awating. Dec-2008

  10. My TV Station. Nov-2008

  11. Harappa of the Future. Oct-2008

  12. Make Wealth Common. Sep-2008

  13. more....


  1. Guerrilla Warfare in Gyaan:
    How to Bring Free Software in Education.Despite Everything.

  2. PCQLinux2004: Fedora Done Well
    "This distro is surprisingly attuned to your needs because of an active Indian community"

  3. Seven Steps To Software Samadhi
    Migrating From Windows To GnuLinux

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