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Adobe At Work seminars

For participants in Bangalore, Coimbatore, Chandigarh, and Delhi:
You are free to share these references with others, provided you acknowledge the original credits and copyrights of each reference, where relevant.
Thank you for participating and writing-in with your response and queries.
The niyam.com site is being enriched with more material. Please keep checking for more goodies.


Photoshop: The Third Eye of Shiva. [PDF 305Kb].
How to Touch Up Old Photos. From Photoshop Magazine. [PDF 553 Kb]
Photoshop 6 At a Glance. [PDF 72 Kb]
Photoshop 6 Brochure. [PDF 448 Kb]
Using Layer Styles. [PDF 136 Kb]
Blending Layers. [PDF 210 Kb]
Masks and Clips. [PDF 230 Kb]


adobe acrobat
unicode.org for those who wish to understand indian language coding.
niyam.com publishes research and articles under various headings.
Mehndi and Illustrator. [PDF 570Kb].


Green Book: PDF for Print. How to create pure and perfect PDF files. Copyright, credit, and courtesy: Adobe Systems.Used with permission. [PDF 949 Kb].
Create Free PDF Files. This is a Free web-hosted service on the Adobe site. Converts existing MS Office or any other document into PDF automatically. Converts scanned pages into 'intelligent' PDF files.
What's New in Acrobat 5 for Pre-Press. Copyright, credit, and courtesy Nick Hodge, Adobe Systems, Australia. Used with permission. Please visit his website for more excellent resources. [PDF 272 Kb]
Paperless Paper with Acrobat. My first exhaustive tech-primer article on acrobat. People still find this useful. [PDF 437 Kb]
Just Ask For PDF. [PDF 66Kb]
Mera Jeevan Kora PDF. [PDF 47Kb]
Teach Yours Teachers. Kick-start a revolution in education, and win free gifts. [PDF 50Kb]

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