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BenefIT Magzine

Niyam has been invited to be Consulting Editor for BenefIT magazine since September 2005. His initial task is to move the magazine towards editorial excellence, and provide a new publishing vision and strategy. Niyam spent more than two months of research and experimentation before coming up with a bold and daring publishing concept for the relaunch of the magazine. His publishing concept makes it the first IT publication of its kind, not just in India, but the world. Moving forward from PCWorld, CHIP, HTtech4U, and other IT publications he has been involved with, the relaunched BenefIT is his take on the next generation of IT magazines. The changes reflect from the January 2006 issue onwards and catch momentum with every issue forward.

Note: A crore is an Indian mathematical unit, and means 10 million.

Publised Articles

  1. Steal This Magazine. Jan 2006

  2. You Can Run Your 200 Crore Business On Free Software. Dec 2005

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