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Hindustan Times is the Number 1 English newspaper selling in India with more than 1.5 million copies countrywide. Niyam regurarly contributes for various columns, sections, and supplements, of the newspaper. The Troubleshooting column publishes in the main newspaper every Monday and is highly popular. It attracts a large base of readers and their questions. Some people are even known to cut and keep the column for their reference.


Litmus Test Review

Book Review

Tech Talk

Indian Scientists


Trouble Shooting

" Where can I find a free software for making mind maps? "

Your questions. Your problems with your PC. Solved.

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Litmus Test Review

  1. Detach Yourself from Paper

  2. Click Photos Without Film.

  3. The VCR for Web Browsing

  4. Small is Siemens

  5. Magic in Your Hands

Book Review

  1. Kaun Banega IT-Savvy

Tech Talk

  1. The Sun Flips Its Magnetism.

  2. Bose Theory Slows Down Light.

  3. Your Brain Circuits. Coming Soon On A Chip Near You.

  4. Electricity from Space.

  5. Brain Waves Move Objects.

  6. Burning Waters in Sunless Seas.

Indian Scientists

  1. Dr. C V Raman "Use a 10-Kilowatt Brain"

  2. Jagdish Chandra Bose " Beyond Contemporary Comprehension."


  1. Cinderella with a computer mouse.

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