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In July 2000, one of India's premier portal,, invited niyam to contribute some columns to their website.

  1. World Beyond Computers: July-2000
    Moving beyond mankind's computing, Nature has many secrets, many computing paradigms. So much intelligence. So free.

  2. Software with Freedom: July-2000
    Everybody believes that computers buy you freedom. But how much freedom do you really have?

  3. Gandhi II: Quit Databasing Movement: Aug 2000.
    How Mahatma Gandhi may have fought the new struggle for independence of the individual in the digital age.

  4. Is Hindi Losing the Race: Sep2000
    Are Hindi and other Indian languages on the brink of extinction, thanks to technology?

  5. Ministry of Microsoft: Sep 2000
    Perhaps the Indian government and media should just stop fawning at Bill Gates, and give him a ministry instead.

Beyond Computers

Intro: Moving beyond man-made computing, Nature has many secrets, many advanced computing paradigms. So much intelligence. So free.

Electro Magnetic Pulse. Think of it as a sort of nuclear flashbulb.

An electromagnetic pulse, EMP for short, is a powerful surge of energy that travels in all directions immediately after a nuclear explosion. That is just what the computer industry needs right now. Sans the nuclear explosion. It makes pulp of all electrical equipment in its radius, rendering them useless.

Imagine a 'benevolent' EMP, that does not harm humans and all other life forms, but fries all our electrical equipment. We will suddenly find ourselves stranded in a world without computers, telecommunications, consumer electronics, or even so-called essential commodities like phones, fans, bulbs, motors, and even electricity supply.

Don't panic. We are not yet dead. It is just a state of existence we know longer know. But that is our original existential state. Our naked face. And this does not obliterate the human race from the planet. Merely strips us from all creature comforts and conveniences. Yes, we will survive.

So the real question: what shall we re-build?

Cosmic inspiration

Electric circuits that behave in a binary fashion is not the only option. Nature has many secrets. A higher intelligence is at work in all things in the universe. What is the operating system of the cosmos? What kind of immense processing power exists in our neuro-physiology? What has been coded in the ROM of our genetics, and embedded in every cell of the body? More importantly, who created the genome code? And how come phenomena in quantum physics can transmit information faster than the speed of light?

Move beyond cosmology and mankind, and we see even more diversity in the computing code across the variety in the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, and even in events like weather and climate changes.

It is amazing to watch so many computing paradigms and processes happening in the macrocosm, and in the microcosm. Without copyright. Without per-site license. Without patents. Without bugs. The deeply embedded operating system of the universe never hangs or crashes. It is a true multi-user, pre-emptive, multi-tasking, scalable, object-oriented, distributed, future-compatible, open-source, and other blah-blah OS. And yes, we are free to use any process or idea that we understand, find useful, or that inspires us.

So much intelligence. So free.

Screensavers in Our Soul

By giving birth in the last century to the dead-boxes we call personal computers, we have started to play God. All this childish silliness has done is made us dull. We have locked ourselves out to all the higher intelligence and inspiration around us all the time. Too busy feeling proud and gloating over our relatively primitive and binary codes. Too busy creating empires based on greed. Promoting the idea that whatever we do with the 'gift' of intellect, is 'our property.' Our intellectual property. Thank god Nature does not demand royalties, licenses, and copyright fees from mankind. Otherwise even the thin veneer of wealth that covers the 'more equal' among us, will be snatched away.

Revealing nothing but the true bankruptcy of human existence.

About three generations of humans have evolved personal computers over 100 years into what they are today. The last few years has seen a new generation of computer professionals entering the global IT workforce. What makes them new is their more open-source outlook, their shared, collaborative team spirit, entrepreneur skills, and more flexible, casual and highly adaptive personal attitudes. Unfortunately, most still carry old value systems and motivations, but in new wrappers. To be really new, the old must go to its funeral. A radical, revolutionary and new insight is needed amongst the new professionals. For what they invent and create will immediately impact the lives of millions and transform old established ideas.

What we need, are not just techno-savvy professionals, but people that understand that there is no computer revolution. There never was. There never will be. The real geek is the person who knows that our consciousness is the only revolution.

By Niyam Bhushan. Published in July 2000.
mailto:  niyam at technologist dot com

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