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Five thousand years before the launch of Adobe Illustrator 9
it existed.

And as the festive season, the wedding season, and the overall mood of celebration surges across India this month, it thrives even more. Millions of Indians across the sub-continent will stretch out their hands over these three months.
Their wish is to decorate their palms, hands, and feet with Mehndi, the original, bezier-inspiring art form of body painting. Fulfilling their wish is that unknown artist. Everyone knows where to find him: Under a tree, or perhaps sitting on a small upside down wooden crate in a crowded marketplace.
He has probably never heard of Adobe Illustrator 9. In contrast to the color monitor, PC, mouse, and keyboard, he humbly holds in his hand a paste. Made of dried leaves of Mehndi, mixed with secret ingredients which probably include tamarind, coffee, lemon juice, eucalyptus and clove oils, he creates a darkish paste filled inside a small cone-shaped funnel.
No graphics accelerator card, video card, postscript, or Active X required. Instead of the photon-spitting, fast-refreshing color monitor, he modestly holds your outstretched palm in his expert hands.
In the Hands of Destiny
What fate holds within the lines on the palms of your hands he does not know. To him, it is just an empty canvas. He carefully studies its unique contours, undulations, and the shape and proportions of the fingers and thumb. Creative bottlenecks are probably the privilege of the rich and famous.
With a spontaneity that knows no equal, he gently squeezes fine Mehndi on your palm. Near-perfect bezier curves, paisleys, geometric designs, and intricate textures gradually fill your palm as you gaze with wonder. He has never attended any multimedia training institute charging thousands of rupees for a course.

Yet his creativity is matchless.

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