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Mere mortals
like you and me

live life withboth eyes open.Too busy watching" things to really ‘see’ what unfolds before us. The photographer meanwhile sees life with one eye shut, the other eye peering through the camera lens. The flat two-dimensional view reveals to her a picture worth a thousand words.

And then
there is Shiva.

The third god in the Hindu trinity, Shiva the Destroyer is depicted with a third eye in the centre of his forehead. Usually closed, the third eye is supposed to have appeared when his consort, Parvati, playfully covered both his eyes with her hands as Shiva sat rapt in meditation. Immediately the universe was plunged in darkness. Chaos reigned supreme.
Shiva formed the third eye to restore order and fire emerged from his third eye to re-create light. The fierce light from his third eye is so powerful and destructive that henceforth he only opens it to destroy all that is unconscious, dark, and dualistic, in this dancing universe. Shiva’s third eye opens to end all illusion.

Deeply inspired by Shiva, Thomas Knoll and John Knoll created the digital third eye of photography: Photoshop. Bought long ago by Adobe, Photoshop has just entered into its sixth incarnation.
So powerful, it launches to destroy all distinctions in your images between reality and illusion. So awesome, it often leads you to an overwhelming question:

"Is it real, or is it Photoshop?"

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